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These are some of the things I hold most dear to me

Hi, my name is Sian and my passion and love for the environment, and the critters that live in it, has steamed from early childhood where I was always surrounded by pets and if I was to go indoors was glued to animal planet on the tv. Throughout my degree my passion has evolved into a genuine interest and intrigue, and a need to learn as much as I can about it in order to preserve a natural environment, which are unfortunately dwindling.My dream job would simply be involving myself in the upcoming movement to change the way we are currently living our lives. Not only for a sustainable future but for a future in which we have the oportunity to continue studying and admiring amazing animals and stunning environments. My end goal is to potentially share my love and amazement for parts of the world that are often overlooked by the public, and therefore have no attachment for, and hopefully change their mind and allow them to see the importance to preserve such places and organisms. I believe through documentaries and photography is the best way to do so, as if they can not see the beauty for themselves they will never understand. I would also love to incorporate science into these documentaries, in an  easily accessible manner, as not only would I like to share the pure beauty of these ecosystems but I would love to get people as invested and interested in the topic as I am. I believe doing so is the only way to secure a sustainable future !

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